Out of Focus . . .

WP Columbines

You could be the most beautiful person in the world, but if the focus is on someone else, you become irrelevant. You might have the most inspiring message to give, but if the focus is on another speaker with a different topic, again, you become irrelevant. The simple truth? Beauty, riches, intellect, talent  . . . none of these guarantee you any kind of success, unless you can garner the attention of those you wish to engage, and you can keep their attention long enough to get your mission accomplished.

The competition for the spotlight is fierce, and the battle for preeminence is real. In a hate-filled, truth-rejecting world, presenting the Good News about the Lord Jesus Christ will require help from on high, but it can be done! God desires that all come to a saving knowledge of His Son. Jesus provided the way by becoming like us, dying in our stead and raising again from the dead to present Himself as a living sacrifice for our sins. It’s through the Holy Spirit that He gives us the enabling to carry out this most important mission of telling others. When we take a stand for the truth, the focus is diverted away from us and onto the Lord, who IS the Truth. We need only to obey.


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