Lovely Disappointment

A lovely time of getting away with my husband tempered the disappointment of rejection. We spent a four-day weekend in Ludington, Michigan, scouring the beach at the State Park and taking a day to drive up to Fish Town, Traverse City and on up to Petosky. With so much beauty surrounding me, it was hard to nurse the wounds of having one novel rejected by a publisher, who took the time to tell me I had potential, and the news that another novel had failed to final in a contest. God’s presence over-shadowed the doubt nagging at my heart that I had any talent at all. He chose to “wow” me with His magnificent creativity and to encourage me with the reflections of His endless love.

Back home this morning, I felt like that piece of driftwood, washed up on the beach after having been hammered by the surf. Questions and doubts pounded me like the wild surf. Then I remembered the close-up picture I took of the wood. It was a cedar log bleached by the sun, scoured by the wind and sand, until it was polished to a beautiful patina . . . need I say more?


  1. Isn’t it wonderful when we are finaly able to see GOD working in and thru our disappointment. Be encouraged…GOD has a far better place for your novel.Blessings and prayers, andrea


  2. Don’t give up, Mid. You’ve got talent and calling. I’m facing the same Bermuda triangle of writing right now — no news or bad news (Discipleship Journal, which regularly accepted my articles and had accepted a new one had chosen to stop publishing!). You have a special voice. We all need to hear it! Persistance stinks but it’s what we’ve got to develop – the winner of this year’s non-fiction book contest at the WFS contest is in his seventies!


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