The Calling…

There is a fluttering within my soul… Something has awakened and is increasing in its activity. A change is taking place, and I feel this desire, born of God, wanting to take wing and fly. For now, it is hidden and protected within its cocoon. The birthing process is laborious and takes time…but when this transformation is complete, that, which the Lord has ordained, will spread its wings and soar to greater heights than I could have ever imagined.
Though the outside shell of this hidden desire is nondescript and has no qualities that would make it something to be sought after, I know when it emerges, it will have a beauty that will draw all men to their Creator and elicit praise to the Lord who died and rose to life for them and calls them to be part of His Victorious Body!
Until then, I wait with baited breath to see what the Lord has planned for the gifts He has given me.


  1. Mid, He has already used you in wonderful ways. He has made your path cross mine and given us a friendship. Whatever He has whispered in your ear to do, I know you will bring glory to Him.Vonnie


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