Morning Blessings…

This picture was taken the other morning, and as I watched the sunrise, a deer bounded through our 50 acres of soybeans. Ever so often, she would stop and just look at me, sending a thrill through my being. I took a picture, but she was out of focus, still, what an amazing blessing as I stood and watched the golden rays of daylight burst through the clouds! It was one of those moments that made the sunrise even more special. And yet, all this beauty with its thrilling encounters are but a taste of what’s to come. In the end, God promises to create a new heavens and earth for us to enjoy in His Presence.
While my days have been filled to the max with busyness, I awake with a conversation with the Lord and progress into a Bible study time and end in prayer. It may be short on occasions, but I know I can’t make it through the day without this alone time with the Him. Were it not for my family and so much to accomplish through each day, I would desire to be like Enoch!!
This is short, because I must be out and about again, but I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the most important aspect of my life… The Lord Jesus Christ!


  1. It was just what I needed this morning. I felt as though I was there with you watching the deer bound through the soybeans. What a beautiful sunset.Blessings, andrea


  2. We love to watch the wildlife around our lake home. The past couple of mornings I've noticed a doe with twin "kids" in our backyard. I told my wife, Carol, about it, so this morning we both waited on the deck for them to show up. Sure enough, they were right on time at 6:15 AM. They gave us quite a show. The young fawns were hopping, jumping, and chasing each other around like a couple of puppies. God is good and His creation is beautiful!Don


  3. I got up in the night and "heard" deer walking past our house. Made me smile. I've seen them up close and wouldn't you know, didn't have a camera. Perhaps it will happen soon, when I do have one!!You and Carol are blessed to have such a beautiful place to live and observe God's magnificent creations!


  4. That is the first longing of my sight every morning after waking up. I don't mind the temporary blindness it can cause because it makes me realise that I am alive and that my being is still affected by such a stimulus. "Dull would he be of soulwho could pass by a sightSo touching in its majesty…"(W.Wordsworth)


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